Eating Speed for Breakfast

Plastic cup mosquitos
Floating dead in flattened beer
Charmless and arrogantĀ 
Stop the ringing Van Gogh ear
Fangs caught in fabric
A dart on cork
Shift bullseye moving targetĀ 
Shove the losers nose in the score
Holed up and cornered
The rats gain strength
Pick one beatify
Turn into a saint
In strolls the chorus
They're oh so loud
Nobody knows what they're singingĀ 
But they're oh so proud

Eating Speed for Breakfast
Life's a beach
It's all just luck and charm
Ain't life a peach

Quarter minute to midnight
And moving forward

Armageddon in general
Has left me bored
Melting faces
Found the Ark
Fast forward candle drops
Just took a spark
Light the forest
For apple pie
Three quarter the horseman
Riding out of the sky

Row, Row, Your Boat