Grab Your Guns

The road became a fork I wish it was a spoon / I'm gonna need a knife to cut this foggy soup
The pine nuts bend and sway bring chaos to the night / The creepers creep right in with dissipating light

And there's a memory of a slowly sinking sun / The solar winds came blowing in and firing guns
Mercury goes retro-grading backwards feeling shunned  / Its just another night in paradise... Grab Your Guns

The circus came to town so unexpectedly / The clowns on wanted posters hung up on main street
They let the lions loose and set upon the town / The human cannon shot the damn to flood and drown

We flew the kite at night a mission to the moon / If we stay up all night we'll get it there by noon
If lightning strikes to light the night and shock the key / unlock the cell and bring em hell death penalty


Sometimes Its The Good that go to hell

I tried to live a better way an honest man was heard to say / And when I die I hope the church rings bells
I hope they light a flame for me / I hope they pray at liturgy / I hope its not the good that go to hell
I spent my whole life biding time / I really played it safe so heaven would be mine 
I tried to live a better way an honest man was heard to say / I hope its not the good that go to hell

Then came a man with no concern /  he never cared if he would burn / you couldn't trust the twinkle in his eye
He said you and me are two of three / We need to make the trinity / The devil is the third he's standing by
Don't spend your whole life wasting time/ There ain't a heaven and if there's a hell its fine
Don't try to live a better way a crooked man was heard to say / Because its true good people go to hell

And when you say your prayers before you lay your head at night / Keeping the faith that you'll be heard
Ask for forgiveness if you don't think that you've done it right / Hope there's some power in those words

I've seen the world turn many ways / I've seen the good have awful days / I've seen the worst of people get rewards
It looks to be a tragedy that justice is to blind to see that sometimes its the good that go to hell