The Horses Were Wearing Coats

2300 laid out directly beneath me
I'll save myself some 30 hours
The journey's wiser on the concrete believe me
This time I'll use my super powers

I see that winter is coming now 'cause when I got home
The horses were wearing coats

It always seems too soon when the trees start dropping leaves 
The leaves we bury and not rake
These older branches got so brittle in the breeze
No longer bending they just break

Dogs down in the basement playing poker on the borders
Frogs out in the pond drinking wine
Deer out in the woods holding vigils for secret orders
Squirrels up in the trees plotting crimes

Flowers had derangements that compelled them to arrangements 
And the pine gave up its circle to take up sides
Living far from here as we approach this time of year
The future's got far fewer pages than behind