Dice upon the table, the casino's in the clouds
Roulette wheel's spun by foreign spies, it's best to find out now
Swimming like a submarine with sinking thoughts of violence

Disappear into the deep where most the iceberg's hiding
Black tie affair, snake oil hair, the crude will flow for days
On purpose over play the hand try to extend the stay
Domesticated bringing heat so blame it on the Russians
But the chandeliers and diamonds that they kill for won't fix nothing

Blend together in a sea of a million faces, disappear with no traces, from coast to coast and sea to sea
Ditch the city for the road and it's off to the races
In the plain open spaces
With the nuclear silos, cows, and wheat

Sparkle in the eye
Confuse the stars above for diamonds in the sky
Hung up in the night, hang from the chandelier as water starts to rise


Sitting pretty from a distance it's the city
Hear the rumble and the clamor from the belly throated frogs
Pick a battle, pack a picnic, buy some tickets, get there early just in time to hear the barking of the dogs
Bull is running ain't it stunning how so few can get so far above the water and so high upon the hog
Barely floating while their boating, submarining, violent dreaming, keep on streaming while you're rolling on the log