Shotgun, Dog, and Ghost

No forward motion, from this rocking chair
Past the porch look out and stare
Out past the tree line, past where the birds would sing
They've been gone since early spring

Just me and my shotgun, dog, and ghost
Living slow in the quiet and making the most
Gonna get the truck running and head for the coast
If it don't start raining

At least the moonlight 
Don't shine on down with blazing heat
At night we get some short relief
After midnight 
The witching hour brews and steeps
And we've had far too much to sleep

I'll leave these dried flowers here by your stone
Spit into the dust to mix with your bones
The vow still dances on the tip of my breath
We'll be together when I join you in death

But not yet

I've still a long list left to do
To try and pull our vision through 
Stay right here and stay right true
Cause if I pack up for the coast
I can't just leave behind your ghost
I've still got far too much to prove to you

Just me and my shotgun, dog,and ghost