Swallows and Bats

Swallows and bats in shadows look the same. Under the moon by the cans full of trash on the path by the tracks of the train. Up in the air where their language still remains. They rise with the smoke and descend with the ghosts, unmaking their bed for the day.

Waiting for the train to arrive, you said you must move on. You're oh so tired and headed home. I said I thought it'd be ok to stay awhile. You shook your head and just said no. 

And as the nightfall shrouds you and the darkness steals your sight, don't say goodbye before the light. And as the frigid rainfall saps your strength and steals your fight. Just don't let go before the light.

Jumping trains ain't perfect science. Never know just where you'll go. No ticket with a destination, just the gamble of the random roll. Whiskey sip for a little comfort. backpack for a pillow and a home, twenty paces till the final ramble, thats why it must be walked alone.

Don't let go before the light
May you rise up with the peace of morning light