Grab Your Guns

The road became a fork I wish it was a spoon
I'm gonna need a knife to cut this foggy soup
The pine nuts bend and sway bring chaos to the night
The creepers creep right in with dissipating light

And there's a memory of a slowly sinking sun
The solar winds came blowing in and firing guns
Mercury goes retro-grading backwards feeling shunned
Its just another night in paradise 
Grab Your Guns

The circus came to town so unexpectedly
The clowns on wanted posters hung up on main street
They let the lions loose and set upon the town
The human cannon shot the damn to flood and drown

We flew the kite at night a mission to the moon
If we stay up all night we'll get it there by noon
If lightning strikes to light the night and shock the key
Unlock the cell and bring 'em hell death penalty